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Do these take your ​Fondant Fancy?

10 July 2017

No one makes Fondant Fancies quite like Bettys. Under the keen confectioner’s eye of our Swiss founder Frederick Belmont, they were adorned with elaborate designs in royal icing; nearly a century later, they’re still individually iced by our expert bakers. Yet they’re also bang up to date: we’ve decorated them with crowns to celebrate royal jubilees, weddings and babies; bicycles for the Tour de France and white roses for Yorkshire Day.

In spring we festoon them with snowdrops, while there are hearts for Valentine’s Day, an explosion of rockets and Catherine wheels for Bonfire Night, and at Christmas each fancy becomes a festive parcel. Not to mention our Fondant Fancy celebration cakes – we can personalise them with everything from birthday balloons and dainty flowerbuds to your loved ones’ names.

Of course, we take just as much care over what’s inside: each one a delectably light and buttery Genoese sponge cake sandwiched with raspberry preserve and vanilla buttercream, with white chocolate underneath and marzipan on top, flawlessly finished with the smoothest fondant icing.

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