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Fondant Fancies – the secret of eating well

10 July 2017

What does it mean to eat well? It's about balance, yes. Nutrition too. And, as we slowly sink our teeth through the sweet, soft icing of a Fondant Fancy to the moist sponge and rich buttercream beneath, we can feel that it's about something else too. Flavour. Food that's real.

We believe one of the reasons our Fondant Fancies are so well loved is that they represent edible indulgence at its most genuine. Nearly a century after they were first created by our Swiss founder Frederick Belmont, they’re still individually iced by our expert bakers. Made using natural ingredients, we take great care over what’s inside: each one a delectably light and buttery Genoese sponge cake sandwiched with raspberry preserve and vanilla buttercream, with white chocolate underneath and marzipan on top, flawlessly finished with the smoothest fondant icing.

Few people partake in a Bettys Fondant Fancy every day. And that's why the day you do treat yourself to one is so special.

Eat well in 2018 - order your Fondant Fancies online now