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Seedlings at Schools: learning new skills through tree planting

24 March 2017

The tree planting season is well under way and I have been working in many different schools in North and West Yorkshire and with lots of different year groups to plant native trees in their school grounds.

In the Pink: a shimmering new egg from the minds of our chocolatiers

23 March 2017

If you’re a fan of Easter as much as we are here at Bettys, you’ll understand when we say how for us there’s no such thing as ‘plain’ chocolate. From creamy white and silky brown to dark and glossy – not to mention all the ways it can be stippled, brushed and lovingly adorned by our chocolatiers – the quality of our chocolate makes every one of our Easter eggs a delight to behold.

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NEW A head-turning trio of fashionable filled eggs

20 March 2017

As you may have gathered by now, we’re all about the good eggs at Bettys this Easter, from our largest and most spectacular creations to delicious treats for little ones. However, when it comes to our new handmade Trio of Filled Chocolate Eggs, we might need a few more words than ‘good’.

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Create a personalised Easter card from one good egg to another

15 March 2017

Download a daintily designed Bettys Easter card to colour in and gift to a good egg in your life.

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​A Mother’s Day mystery solved

15 March 2017

We all have our own Bettys favourites – those treats that you return to again and again, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be every bit as delicious as the last time. But what would your mum choose as her Bettys favourite?

​Pen portraits: an illustration masterclass with Georgina Gill

14 March 2017

Life's a rush, but here's an invitation: pause for a moment. Make a cup of tea, pull up a chair. Look with us at this picture - the Bettys With Love Chocolate Selection Box. Note the flowers that form a border around the lettering, arranged to form a perfectly imperfect pattern. Watercolour art made especially for us, especially for this box, by an artist we'd like you to meet.

An enduring classic you won't need a time machine to enjoy

13 March 2017

Imagine, for a minute, that you have a time machine. Now pop back to the 1920s, drop into Bettys Café Tea Rooms in Harrogate and pick yourself up a box of Lady Betty Peppermint Creams. When you arrive back in the present, you may be surprised by how little your chocolates differ from those we sell today.

​Which good egg are you?

9 March 2017

Struggling to find a really special Easter treat for a really good egg? Poach an idea from Bettys: match the Easter gift to their personality with our highly ‘scientific’ guide.

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