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​Hold your breath: how to build a giant Imperial in Bloom Easter egg

13 March 2018

<p data-verified=When you look at our towering Imperial Bloom Egg, it's our very dear wish that your first thought is, "Wow". And then, in our heart of hearts, we hope the next thing you think is, "Yum". But after gazing at it for a little while, as it towers above the other Easter eggs in the window of one of our branches, we like to think that a few people might start to wonder exactly how this 5.5kg giant was created.

The answer is: very, very carefully.

It starts in two halves. Our chocolatiers craft it layer by layer, pouring first two layers of beautiful eau de nil (made with white chocolate) and then a layer of milk chocolate into a pair of 55cm tall moulds. They’re then gently rotated by hand to make sure those layers build up nice and evenly.

When the two halves are set, the decoration begins. Flowers, leaves, butterflies and bees made from sugar paste, chocolate and royal icing are attached or piped by hand onto the half which will become the front of the finished egg.

And then comes the really nerve-wracking part. Cautiously, and with great skill, one half is maneuvered on top of the other. Once they are lined up perfectly, they are stuck together with melted chocolate.

Lesley Norris inspects a completed Imperial in Bloom Easter Egg

If that wasn't heart-stopping enough, when the two halves are set, the whole egg is stood up and placed on a base of melted chocolate, where it is held in place until that sets too. Then, and only then, are dark chocolate swirls piped along the edges to turn the join between the halves into a delicious, ruffled flourish.

Watch the Imperial in Bloom egg being made in our Easter film

There's very little margin for error, but we like to think the expertise required to make it is also one of the things that makes it so special. It's an extremely delicate job, but luckily our chocolatiers have steady hands, a lot of experience and a determination to create Easter gifts with the power to take your breath away.

And while this showstopper does make a remarkable gift, there are a great many people who would enjoy a beautiful Easter egg but may not quite be able to finish a full 5.5kg. Fortunately, that same care and craft goes into everything in our Easter range.

Give a beautiful egg this Easter - buy online for delivery with our Perfection Guarantee.