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Fancy That: bee delighted

11 May 2017

Seek out these seasonal treats in the fancy counters in our six Café Tea Rooms shops. Cute and highly nibble-able, we created these portable portions of pure deliciousness to put a smile on your face.

From left to right:

Marzipan & Sponge Frog - adorable miniature frogs made from Genoese sponge with vanilla buttercream and covered with marzipan.

Fondant Fancies - an individual Genoese sponge cakes sandwiched with raspberry preserve and buttercream, topped with marzipan, coated in ivory or pink fondant icing, and then piped with flowers.

Ladybird Cupcake Brownies - a rich chocolate brownie cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream and a friendly marzipan ladybird design.

Chocolate Ganache Bumble Bee - charming little bees made with chocolate Sachertorte sponge and creamy milk chocolate ganache.

The treats on our fancy counter are made by the skilled confectioners at our Craft Bakery in Harrogate