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An Enchanted Christmas

3 November 2017

The first signs of Christmas are twinkling on the horizon. As the days become a little shorter, the nights are starting to sparkle – and somewhere just outside the town, fresh snow is falling on the Enchanted Forest. Look closely at the ground and you may just spy a scattering of tiny footprints. It’s a telltale hint that a snuffling hedgehog, a bushy-tailed squirrel and a friendly fox have just passed by, on the trail of some delicious festive treats. We might have a suggestion or two.

Enchanted Treats

The furry fellows who scamper through our Enchanted Forest have a sweet surprise - each one is made with our deliciously rich Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate. What’s more, each of them is awfully excited about sharing Christmas with you. Harry the Hedgehog has been getting ready for the big day by wearing his festive marzipan and sugar paste hat, while Freddie the Fox has been trying on his handsome red marzipan scarf. Up in the branches, the enchanting robin on our Bettys Bauble Filled with Chocolates is waiting to bring a little magic to your tree, and Sophie the Squirrel is hoping to make her nest in your Christmas stockings alongside our charming chocolate Moonlight Owls.

Christmas Chocolates

If you do adopt a few of our Enchanted Forest friends, please be reassured that they are terribly well behaved. We promise they won’t nibble any of the chocolates in our Bettys Enchanting Chocolate Collection, our Christmas Chocolate Selection or our Bettys Christmas Chocolate Box. And they will politely keep their paws to themselves while you enjoy our buttery Chocolate Coated Caramel Bites, our creamy Dark Chocolate Fudge or our subtly citrussy Dark Chocolate Orange & Lemon Jellies.

Delicious Gifts

When Sophie the Squirrel has had her fill of pine cones, she loves to take a nap in our Enchanted Forest Gift Box. This magical collection of chocolates and novelties joins a delightful range of festive gift bags, boxes and hampers. Our charming Christmas Goody Bag and Perfect Christmas Tote Bag make festive teatimes special, while The Gin Box pairs Harrogate’s own Slingsby Gin with our indulgent Salted Caramels. And who can resist a proper wicker hamper, especially one filled with a Taste of Bettys?

Find our full collection of Christmas flavours here