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The apple of our eye

27 September 2017

Hand coloured photograph from the 1930s

Our Marzipan & Sponge Apples are real favourite at this time of year. We think it’s the fact that they’re so strikingly realistic. Surely most would agree that they’re one of your five a day?

But did you know that at different points in our history, you could have found the remaining four on our fancy tray? We’ve made carrots, pumpkins, onions, pears, sweetcorn. Even, wait for it, potatoes!

As this hand-coloured photograph from the 1930s shows, potatoes regularly featured on fancy trays when our founder, Frederick Belmont, ran Bettys (the potato is the second fancy up from the bottom left).

Marzipan and Sponge ApplesLike our apples, it had a Genoese sponge centre, which Frederick wrapped in white marzipan, before rolling it in cocoa powder for the appearance of fresh soil and finally adding dimples to resemble ‘eyes’. What do you think, is that a spud-you-like?

Bettys fans might also notice a more familiar fancy in this selection: the cauliflower, which we periodically revive for our autumn ranges.

Enjoy a taste of history, order some Marzipan & Sponge Apples online. But be quick - they're only available to buy until 7th October