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Pack your hamper: how to plan the perfect picnic

16 August 2016

Whatever your personal picnic style, our tips will help you enjoy this most seasonal of delights to the fullest.

Ground rules

However picturesque the surrounding location, your actual picnic spot should be flat, dry and smooth enough for you to spread out your blanket and relax without worrying about teetering drinks or unexpected thistles.

Smart serving

Keep your food delicious until you’re ready to eat it with insulated flasks and cool bags and by ensuring strong flavours and oily dressings are safely contained.

Mix it up

Picnics aren’t quite like normal meals, so break the rules. Enjoy unusual combinations of foods on your plate or eat dessert between courses. Pre-slice bread, cakes and tarts into small servings so guests can try a little of everything.

It’s playtime

Make the most of your location with post-picnic games that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy. Woodlands are ideal for scavenger hunts, Pooh sticks or an art competition using twigs and leaves.

Be prepared

Linen napkins and salad tongs or finger foods and paper plates – it’s a matter of individual taste how formal or casual you make your picnic. Whatever you choose, think beyond the meal and pack plenty of bags for tidying up time.

With Bettys it’s easy to add a touch of perfection to your picnic. Our classic Tomato Chutney brings fabulous flavour to a drab cheese sandwich, our bestselling Lemon & Lime Cake is a festival of citrusy summer deliciousness and our sun-worshipping Chocolate & Orange Little Rascals are a favourite with grown-ups and kids alike. Or you can visit one of our six shops and create a ready-made picnic. Choose from a selection of freshly made sandwiches filled with local ingredients, summer fancies, handmade cakes and a range of cold drinks.