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How many delicious treats can we fit into one gift box?

26 February 2018

When planning for this coming Mother’s Day with the clever Bettys elves who hand-pick items for our gift boxes and hampers, we set them a challenge: ‘Just how many delicious treats do you think you can fit into a Mother’s Day Gift Box?’

‘Well,’ they replied, ‘we’d definitely put in our Grand Cru Ganache Chocolate Cake. No ordinary chocolate cake, it’s packed with the same Swiss Grand Cru used in all of Bettys chocolates and generously topped with a layer of ganache that makes it particularly sumptuous when enjoyed slightly warmed. That’s at least a treat and a half alone.’

‘A good start,’ we said, ‘but what about some biscuits? Surely any gift box worthy of a Mum will have something she can enjoy with a cup of tea?’

‘You underestimate us,’ replied the elves, rustling armfuls of packing paper as they giggled with glee. ‘How about two types of biscuits? Our Chocolate & Orange Biscuits – wonderfully buttery and crisp, made with orange oil and half-coated in dark Swiss chocolate – are perfect for dunking. Then there’s our With Love Butter Biscuits. We’re big fans of saying it with biscuits instead of with flowers here and these adorable heart-shaped ones say it all.’

‘Sounds delightful,’ we said, ‘but that can’t leave much room for chocolates. How can you ever decide which to include when it means leaving so many out?’

‘Aha!’ the elves cried triumphantly. ‘That’s why the Chocolate Tasting Box is a winner. An array of eight of our most exquisite chocolates, from praline and caramel to truffles and creams. That’s eight different treats in one lovely wrapping.’

‘You win,’ we said. ‘Now if you could be so kind as to take down my Mum’s address…’

Order your Mother's Day Gift Box online and delight mum with a gift handpicked by elves*

* No elves were exploited in the creation of this gift