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​Lifting the lid on our Tea Room Blend Tea

2 July 2017

For many of you, a visit to Bettys wouldn’t be complete without a steaming pot of our famous Tea Room Blend tea arriving at your table. But what’s behind that unassuming name? Let’s take a peek under the teapot lid…

Our signature blend combines the very best attributes from three countries renowned for their teas – Kenyan and Rwandan varieties that offer brisk, refreshing flavours and a tempting golden colour, and teas from Assam, north-east India for body, fullness and strength.

We select only the finest quality leaves from the most esteemed estates, buying them when the harvest is at its prime. In east Africa, that’s during the drier months of March-April and July-August when the nutrients in the leaf are at their most concentrated, while in Assam that means catching the tea bushes’ second flush of growth in the warm, rainy season running from late May into June.

Next comes the art of blending itself. Tasting every tea that arrives at our sister company Taylors, our experts decide which ones to combine in leafy harmony. And the work doesn’t stop there: blenders then taste each new batch to make sure it’s just as good as the last one. So whether it’s poured in our Café Tea Rooms or enjoyed with your favourite treats at home, a cup of our Tea Room Blend is pure Bettys every time.

Order a perfect blend online - Tea Room Blend from www.bettys.co.uk