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Add a twist to Halloween parties with spooky treats from Bettys

6 October 2016

Set the cauldron to warm and draw up your ghost-lists – it’s not long now until Halloween. And for us here at Bettys that means the opportunity to share some of our favourite designs: from witches to spiders, pumpkins to frogs.

Of course, there are many reasons to love this uniquely delicious evening of fun, but here at Bettys our theory is that picturing all of those witches, ghouls and monsters flying through the darkness outside just makes staying in seem all the cosier. And of course, Halloween is even better with company, whether you’re sharing spooky stories and treats with friends, or partying past the witching hour.

Prize pumpkins

It’s not Halloween without a grinning jack-‘o-lantern to scare your guests. But while carving your own is part of the fun, get too carried away and you’ll be eating leftover pumpkin until Christmas. Thankfully, our bakers and confectioners just love creating pumpkin-inspired treats of all kinds. Take your pick from our eye-catching, marzipan-covered Halloween Chocolate Cake, or our splendid handcrafted White Chocolate Pumpkin. Or there’s our adorable individual Marzipan & Sponge Pumpkins: they may look cute now, but we advise you to make sure they’ve all been eaten by midnight…

Trick or Treat? Definitely a treat

Add magic to Halloween parties for little ones and big kids alike with wonderfully creepy creations such as our Milk Chocolate Spider Web or our Milk Chocolate Frogs – a little green on the outside, but solid Swiss Grand Cru chocolate all the way through. And there’s no need to cast spells to summon up party prizes or rewards for trick or treaters: our Halloween Gift Bags and Halloween Gift Selections are filled with wicked delights.

A warm glow

With Bonfire Night also drawing near, many of our treats can be enjoyed on both occasions. Here in Yorkshire, we like to fend off the impending chill with a touch of ginger, which is why our traditional Yorkshire Parkin makes a welcome return each year. Made with sticky black treacle and warming ginger, it’s a real spirit-raiser, at Halloween or any other time.

Add some Bettys deliciousness to your Halloween plans with our spooky treats