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​Fat Rascals – the secret behind the smile

6 July 2017

At our Craft Bakery in Harrogate we make around 10,000 of our iconic Yorkshire Fat Rascals every week – that’s more than two million since we launched them in 1983. Whether enjoyed with a cup of tea at our Café Tea Rooms or delivered freshly baked to your door, Fat Rascals are one of our most popular treats.

Ask us why they’re delicious and we can point to the recipe, based on a traditional Yorkshire Turf Cake and packed with butter, citrus peel and plump vine fruits. But we’d like to think that the cheeky grin each Fat Rascal sports – a Bettys invention – adds an extra something too.

There’s a knack to making Fat Rascals smile. The secret to not ending up with a wonky disaster is to place the cherry eyes and almond teeth as close as possible together on the dough. As each Fat Rascal bakes, the features spread out just enough to form the perfect face.

Enjoy our Fat Rascals any way you like, but they’re especially good warmed and served with butter. Order yours online now.