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Fancy That: the grumpy pig

7 July 2017

'The grumpy pig'. Sounds rather like a pub name, doesn't it? But actually we're referring to this fellow, spotted in Bettys Ilkley. How did he come upon his grumpy expression? Was it mischief in our Craft Bakery or simply a delightful accident? We'll never know, but head to Bettys to see if you can find your own grumpy pig. Made from Genoese sponge with vanilla buttercream and covered with marzipan, we can guarantee one thing: you won't feel grumpy after eating one.

While you're there, you could try one of the other treats in our Summer Farmyard collection, such as a Milk Chocolate Ganache Mouse, a Sheep Cupcake Brownie, an Iced Lebkuchen Duck, a Rabbit Butter Biscuit or a Ginger Pig Biscuit. Plus, in Ilkley, Harrogate and York there's a quite lovely marzipan farmyard to see, which was made by our cake decorating team.

Do drop by. Otherwise we might get grumpy.

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