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Drawing on mum wisdom to bake the perfect cake

1 March 2018

We’re not going to argue – we know that the best sponge cakes in the world are those made by your mum. (That’s everyone’s mums, of course; somehow they all occupy the top spot.) But we’d like to think that our Mother’s Day Cake is a close runner-up in the sponge stakes.

Not only do we use ground almonds in the recipe to make it deliciously moist, but we’ve gathered together years of mum wisdom to ensure each cake bakes perfectly.

One secret is mixing the ingredients at room temperature rather than straight out of the fridge: “You get better creaming of the mixture,” our Lesley Norris explains. “A good cake batter has a nice sheen to it and should drop off the spoon after three seconds.”

Then there’s twin pitfalls to avoid when it comes to beating: “If you under-beat it, it curdles at the creaming stage and you don’t get a nice lift,” Lesley says. “If you over-beat it, it makes it lighter and lighter, so when you bring it out of the oven, it collapses.

To make up for our Mother’s Day Cake only being the second best sponge cake in the world, we’ve put extra love into the decoration. Once each cake is sandwiched with our raspberry preserve and buttercream, and topped with a layer of marzipan and sugar icing, our decorating team get to work adding an array of pretty spring flowers, finishing with a Mother’s Day message daintily hand-piped in Royal icing. If your mum thinks she can do that part better, please send her our way.

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