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A Yorkshire Café Tea Rooms with a twist of Swiss

1 August 2018

You may be wondering why a Yorkshire tea room is so passionate about Swiss cuisine. To find the answer you need to go back more than a hundred years.

Our founder, Frederick Belmont, was a young baker and confectioner from the Swiss Alps who arrived in England in 1907 to seek his fortune. He worked hard to save the money to open his own premises, and in 1919 he fulfilled his dream. He called his café ‘Bettys’ and it brought together the best of both Switzerland and Yorkshire: Swiss craft skills, finesse and attention to detail coupled with a warm Yorkshire welcome and quality local ingredients.

Frederick’s values and expertise have been passed down through generations of bakers and chefs and today we continue to create specialities inspired by Switzerland and its continental neighbours, but with our unique Yorkshire twist.

Swiss & Yorkshire Specialities

A flavour of our history

Yorkshire Ploughman’s Lunch


Hearty ploughman’s with a distinctly Yorkshire character. Made with Wensleydale cheese, Harrogate Blue cheese, honey roast Yorkshire ham, smoked chicken breast, Panzanella salad, sweet pickled red onions, apple, black grapes, and a slice of pork and apple pie. Served with a choice of bread roll and Yorkshire chutney.

Traditional Swiss Green Salad with Smoked Yorkshire Chicken


A classic dish made with smoked chicken breast, Nüsslisalat (lamb’s lettuce) and chopped hardboiled egg. Topped with Swiss Stick croutons and our signature Swiss dressing made with cream and Dijon mustard.

Smoked Salmon Rösti


A traditional Swiss rösti made with grated potato, Gruyère cheese and cream, pan-fried until golden and topped with Scottish freedom-farmed smoked salmon, homemade caper dressing and mixed salad leaves.

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