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​A Mother’s Day mystery solved

5 March 2018

We all have our own Bettys favourites – those treats that you return to again and again, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be every bit as delicious as the last time. But what would your mum choose as her Bettys favourite?

You don’t know? With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s probably too late to ask without spoiling the surprise. Time to turn detective – root around for empty boxes and Bettys tins, or hunt in her cupboard for telltale Fat Rascal crockery.

If you’re still stumped, we have some suggestions. At this time of year, many of you tell us that you particularly enjoy our Lemon & Lime Cake, a moist, zesty loaf that’s just right for teatime slicing. Or there’s the rich fruit cakes that we’re famous for, from our marzipan-topped Simnels, to ones packed with sumptuously plump sherry-soaked currants and sultanas.

Yorkshire Gingerbread

Found a trail of biscuit crumbs? They probably lead to our delectably buttery Yorkshire Shortbread, or our hearty Yorkshire Gingerbread. Classics from our Craft Bakery both, they’re enduring companions to a cup of tea (Yorkshire Tea, naturally).

None the wiser? Then we know one lady who will have the answer – our own Lady Betty. Filled with our most gorgeous caramel, praline, cream and truffle centres, if our Lady Betty Chocolate Selection isn’t already on Mum’s secret wishlist, then it will be very soon. And then next year’s Mother’s Day won’t be a mystery at all.

Solve the mystery of how to make this year's Mother's Day extra special for mum: buy her a Bettys treat online