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Share your Bettys memories

Your Bettys Memories

We're so lucky to play a part in so many people's lives. Here are some of the Bettys memories you've shared with us.

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My husband and I had our wedding reception in the Belmont Room at York. All we can say is, wow. The food was delicious, the service was amazing, and I had tea at the top table. What more could we want? We came back for afternoon tea on our 1st anniversary and will continue this little tradition every year. Bettys will always hold a special place in our heart.

- Samantha

There are so many of my memories hidden inside a Fat Rascal. My dad used to visit York regularly for work and would always bring one back for me. I’d love seeing him walk in with that paper bag. Sadly, he’s not with us now but I can’t go near a Bettys without smiling.

- Nicola

My husband and I got married in Harrogate so to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary we did a ‘Bettys-thon’; we visited all six cafes in one week. We look forward to repeating it for our Golden Wedding Anniversary.

- Beverly

My husband’s nana was one of the pastry chefs at Ilkley 40 or so years ago. As a boy, he would cycle from Guiseley every weekend for a custard slice. Though we live in Harrogate now, he still cycles, still regularly visits Bettys, and always enjoys a custard slice. His love for them has been passed on to our whole family.

- Jacqui

My daughter was born in Harrogate, but we moved when she was 12 weeks old. To celebrate her 10th birthday we surprised her with a trip to Harrogate for a wonderful afternoon tea. She especially loved it when the pianist played Happy Birthday to her.

- Lisa

Ever since my daughter was two we have enjoyed a Christmas Eve tradition of enjoying breakfast at Bettys in Harrogate.

- Leanne

Visits to Bettys helped my mum and I become closer since she recovered from a major illness. We now visit every month for lunch on a Saturday and celebrate special occasions in the Belmont suite. We always have a great time and find the staff to be very attentive and professional. I always recommend Bettys to friends as the place to go if you visit York.

- Janine

My mother and her best friend are regular visitors to Bettys in Harrogate. She had been on the hunt to find me a suitable boyfriend for a few months when she stumbled upon a “very handsome” manager in Bettys. The next day my whole family went for lunch to judge for ourselves. I was sold! We made eye contact over my yummy afternoon tea and I plucked up the courage to leave my number. 6 years later and we are happily married. My husband no longer works there but we still regularly visit Bettys Harrogate.

- Laura

My parents, Anne and John, had their wedding breakfast at Bettys in Harrogate on 17th February 1958. Over the years, my Mum and Dad shared many happy memories of their special day at Bettys and, because of that, it always meant a lot to me when I visited a branch as a child.

- Jill

We celebrated my Great Aunt’s 90th birthday by visiting Bettys in Harrogate. Auntie Joyce had a fabulous afternoon and pronounced it one of the best she’d ever had. We all thought it was a wonderful afternoon tea and it holds very special memories for us. Sadly, her husband died a short time later and our visit to Bettys was the last time we saw him. We would dearly love to take Auntie Joyce there again to bring back some happy memories.

- Sue

I have always loved Bettys but, since they helped me create my dream wedding cake, I am totally in love with them. It’s simply the best.

- Claire

We came to Yorkshire to visit my brother in Guiseley and stopped for tea and cake. We saw a house for sale in Ilkley and, a few months later, had left London behind. Bettys was definitely a catalyst that changed our life forever.

- Eirian

My Italian grandad worked in Bettys in York as a chef for nearly 50 years and it was where he met my grandmother. He spotted her when she went there for dinner and he came up from the kitchens. After a whirlwind romance, they were married and enjoyed 49 years together. If it wasn’t for Bettys, they may never have met.

- Charlotte

When I was little, my Nana would always bring home a Bettys cream cake from York after her Saturday afternoon shopping expedition. I always used to be amazed by the way they were wrapped in the most amazing boxes with ribbon. She never had a lot of money, so I guess this was probably a little treat to herself. It made me happy to see how much she enjoyed it. My affection for Bettys started there and, when I’m in York, a Bettys cream cake finds its way home with me in her memory.

- Craig

Having frequented Bettys as a child with my mum and gran, the tradition has continued. My now husband and I had numerous dates there since we met. So, we both decided that the Imperial Rooms at Bettys Harrogate was the perfect wedding location for us to celebrate. Since our wedding, we have celebrated three anniversaries there and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s been beautifully perfect in every way.

- Victoria

I think my love of Bettys has come from my Grandmother whose name was actually Betty! She lived in Harrogate for most of her life and would take tea there every week until she was unable to walk. When I was a little girl I used to visit her with my parents. My mother and I would walk down to the tea room and bring her back a curd tart and some Fat Rascals. My Gran is no longer with us, but I will definitely carry on the tradition of visiting Bettys with my niece.

- Nicola

Having been born and bred in Yorkshire, Bettys was always part of my life. When I met my husband to be, we used to sneak away from work and cemented our relationship over Bettys tea and Yorkshire rarebit! My eldest son lives in Harrogate and Bettys is just as a big a part of his life. Every year, my granddaughter asks to be sent to the Cookery School as her Christmas present. I’m so glad that we have passed on our love a such a great company.

- Ann

Bettys Harlow Carr was the destination for my first outing with new-born twins. The staff are really lovely and welcoming. Even the Fat Rascals smile.

- Sophie

I fell in love with Betty's when my mum used to take me for tea and cakes in the still missed Leeds branch and have been in love with it ever since.

- Beverly

I love the marzipan apples! I travel from Hartlepool to York just to buy some along with some Fat Rascals too.

- Andrew

As I stepped through the door, I saw a Fat Rascal giving me the eye! It was love at first sight. I tried not to meet his gaze, but he must have seen me looking as it didn't take him long to come across to our table. His cheeky face, nutty smile, and fruity fragrance bowled me over and we now go on regular dates together.

- Lynn

Bettys is a firm favourite with myself and my grandma. Every time we visit York, we head to Bettys. Once my daughter was born she became part of our special tradition. She had her first trip on my birthday where she enjoyed a Little Rascals rarebit whilst we enjoyed a champagne afternoon tea.

- Clare

My husband asked me to be his wife, using my Granny’s engagement ring, in a little corner of Bettys Northallerton.

- Emma

My grandma and grandad had their wedding cake made by Bettys in 1940 and were given a lovely photograph of it as a lasting memory. I was always reminded of it whenever I saw the vintage cake in Bettys Ilkley window.

- Jayne

As a family, we’ve been coming to Bettys since I was a little girl. It’s always been my favourite and I celebrated my 21st birthday with breakfast in your lovely Harrogate Tea Rooms. Just over a year later, we came for an indulgent lunch of alpine macaroni and fondant fancies. This time there was a special guest in my tummy as it was on my due date! There was no sign of the baby yet but, a few months later, we took her on her very first trip to Bettys.

- Summer

Bettys has so many memories for me as it was my first employer. I started work at 16 as a trainee chef in the York branch. I met lifelong friends and we shared many happy times together. I am proud to tell people I trained at Bettys. Over the years, we have visited many of the branches but my most memorable moment was taking afternoon tea in Bettys Harrogate. It was a very special afternoon that I was able to share with my mum, niece, and best friend.

- Christina

Bettys is a truly delightful and magnificent place to indulge in exquisite confectionary. I love the vintage flare and think the afternoon teas are to die for. They are a must for any celebration. I have brought family from America, Thailand, and Italy to try the food. Bettys never disappoints. I have attended chocolate courses and can always be persuaded to enjoy the beautiful cakes and biscuits in the shop.
I was first introduced to Bettys when I was completing my business course at school. It helped guide me towards my goal of setting up a small cupcake and chocolate shop in the future. Since then it has been a must amongst my friends when they visit. Nobody can turn down a lovely Lady Betty Afternoon Tea.

- Charlotte

Our daughter’s first outing after being born was afternoon tea at Harlow Carr. She was only 12 days old and weighed 4lb 4. In her first 17 months, we took her a further 58 times. Every member of staff recognises her now.

- Andrea

My husband and I had our wedding reception at the Harrogate tearoom. It was the most amazing day; we visit every year to mark the anniversary. The proposal also took place in the Ilkley Tea Rooms. This year I will be taking my cousin to celebrate her 30th birthday and the impending arrival of her twins. You could say that we’re slightly addicted.

- Jane

Bettys put a smile on my face when my husband took me there for afternoon tea as a special day a year and a half ago. I was going through breast cancer and horrible treatment. I had lost a lot of my self-confidence and just wanted to sit in a quiet place. Being in Bettys, I felt relaxed for the first time in ages and loved all the treats. The staff were lovely. I would love to visit again, post treatment, with some hair!

- Asma

Bettys is always a Mother’s Day treat because she only deserves the best! This year I plan on introducing my husband to the delight that is Bettys champagne afternoon tea for our anniversary.

- Joanne

My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship and, during his first visit to the UK, he was desperate to visit York and go to Bettys. I’ve been going to the York branch with my mum since I was little, so he had heard countless stories about the amazing afternoon tea and the great piano playing. In the end, we spent three nights in York and ate at Bettys as often as we could. It will always be very special to us as it was the venue for our first holiday together.

- Ainsley

Walking into Bettys for the first time was magical as it took me back to my childhood. I remembered sitting at my Nannas on a Sunday afternoon with all the family, sharing special memories whilst eating finger food from her best china. Bettys has a special and unique quality that lasts a lifetime and the food is mouth-wateringly delicious.

- Leanne

Bettys is about the experience: the pastries, biscuits, scones, cakes, and candies are all wonderful. The presentation is beautiful, and the service is so kind. The entire package is the feeling given to each person. No matter whether they are peeking through the windows, making a special purchase, or having tea, they are made to feel like a special customer. Bettys creates the magic and wonderful memories for people. It is indeed a very special establishment. I will take this feeling with me forever.

- Crystal

My falling in love moment was when we entered: the fantastic service, the stunning chandeliers, and the piano playing. I adore your Eggs Benedict and always finish with a fondant fancy. We were a little dubious on our first visit as we took our son who has special needs. He can be prone to random loud noises or becoming distressed. I explained this to your lovely staff and they sat us somewhere quiet and tended to our every need. He loves visiting you and he samples lots of the delicious goodies as often as we can.

- Chantelle

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