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​Trot over to Bettys for a chocolate Saddleback Pig

8 March 2018

If you’re looking for an original alternative to an egg as a gift this Easter, may we suggest this delightful fellow? For someone trotter-deep in mud he looks pretty contented – and so he should be, for he’s made from the same delicious Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate that we use for our Easter Eggs.

Hand-decorated with white chocolate to create his distinctive rare breed markings then brushed with cocoa powder, our Saddleback Pig is an Easter novelty created using a mould from the Bettys archives that dates back decades.

We’ve been crafting chocolate animals for Easter since the 1920s, but at some point our chocolatiers decided to flex their creative muscles beyond the traditional rabbits and chicks. That unleashed a whole menagerie you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Easter, from circus animals – with a marzipan big top created for the windows of our Café Tea Rooms – to chocolate pandas, as part of an endangered species theme in the 1980s.

Our current Easter novelties celebrate the less exotic but still beloved residents of Britain’s farms and countryside. So if you’re looking for a companion for our Saddleback Pig, be sure to also make the acquaintance of our charming Miniature Chocolate Piglets and Milk Chocolate Laying Hen, our dapper Milk Chocolate Hare and our ever popular Milk Chocolate Badger.

Make somebody’s Easter deliciously fun – and hoof it on over to our Easter chocolate novelties