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November 2016

​Lifting the lid on our newest Christmas Hampers and Boxes

29 November 2016

The Ilkley HamperAs Christmas draws near, we know that a lot of you just love browsing through our gift boxes and hampers. And it’s not just in the hope that someone looking over your shoulder might take the hint and ‘surprise’ you: choosing the perfect gift box or hamper for each of your friends and family is a joy in itself.

Creating treasured memories - Bettys Stonegate

24 November 2016

Come closer. We want to tell you a secret. It’s called Bettys Stonegate and it’s our hidden gem. Locals know it well – it’s where they head to skip the queues. Step inside and step back in time – into the shop with its beautifully arrayed treats, then up the winding stairs to roaring fireplaces, window seats and intimate nooks. Romantic, cosy and unmistakably Bettys. Let’s just keep it between us, shall we?

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It’s the little things

18 November 2016

You might be forgiven for thinking that an unforgettable Christmas is all about grand spectacles: the turkey, the pudding, the cake, the tree. But here at Bettys, we know that there’s just as much joy to be found in perfecting the smaller details.

​Creating our magical Swiss Alpine Village

16 November 2016

16 Nov 2016 10:34:06

You may be wondering about the amazing snowy village that captures a little girl’s imagination in our Christmas film. It’s a moment of glory for our craft bakers as the whole enchanting display is constructed from Lebkuchen – the German biscuit made with golden syrup, treacle and spices that’s been a delicious part of Christmas at Bettys for years.

Christmas is more magical with Bettys

14 November 2016

A little girl, our Christmas window, and some Bettys magic. Welcome to our Christmas advert for 2016.

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​Christmas Cakes – why stop at one?

9 November 2016

Have you ever gazed at a display of Christmas cakes and felt just the tiniest twinge of regret that you could only choose one? Then we have something that you’ll love. Our new Christmas Cake Selection features a trio of festive fruit cakes, each a miniature masterpiece of our craft.

​Seedlings at Schools: Arrival of autumn

7 November 2016

Summer has now finally gone and autumn has come in with the trees showing fantastic colours beneath clear blue skies. Temperatures are dropping and it feels that all creatures are either starting to get ready for winter or preparing to leave.

What makes a Bettys Christmas pudding so special?

4 November 2016

If you think it’s still a little early to be concerning ourselves with Christmas puddings, the news is that we started making them weeks ago, at the height of summer. Back in July, as we do every year, we dug out the recipe for our Classic Christmas Pudding. It’s based on an old Bettys family one belonging to Lesley Wild’s mother, although these days, as with all of our Christmas puddings, we use vegetarian-friendly suet.