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April 2014

How to make the world's best milkshake from the world's best hot chocolate

25 April 2014

Our award-winning Swiss dark chocolate creates the most delicious and velvety hot chocolate, but now that spring is here and the sun is making the occasional appearance, our thoughts have turned from winter warmers to summer refreshers.

So we set Chris Taylor from Bettys Cookery School a challenge: take our hot chocolate granules and see if you can use them to create a thick, creamy chocolate milkshake ready for the summer.

Dear reader, he succeeded. Oh my goodness, he succeeded.

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How to make your own vanilla pod ice cream

4 April 2014

Our Cookery School tutors are culinary wizards and keepers of the secrets of the Bettys craft. But occasionally, just occasionally, they reveal one of those secrets to the world.

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