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A head-turning trio of fashionable filled eggs

20 March 2017

We’re all about beautiful eggs at Bettys - from our largest and most spectacular creations to delicious treats for little ones. And when it comes to our handmade Trio of Filled Chocolate Eggs, we think we created a gift which wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk.

When this impeccably elegant group first emerged from our Chocolate Room, we suddenly felt as though we should have dressed up for the occasion. Sporting soft and pretty pastel shades for spring – one white chocolate egg, one pink and one eau de nil, all finished with a silver lustre and a dainty hand-iced spring flower – they’re beautifully contemporary yet timelessly chic. Indeed, we can imagine them turning heads at soirées among the Art Deco opulence of the Belmont Room at Bettys York when it opened 80 years ago.

Of course, it’s not just about the glamour. There’s decadence, too, in the form of our finest creamy Swiss chocolate and three sumptuous fillings. The white chocolate egg contains our soft, flowing vanilla caramel, while the pink egg is filled with rich ganache made from Swiss dark chocolate and an intense raspberry puree reduction. And the eau de nil egg – whose shade of pale green is named after the languid waters of the Nile – encloses the same luxurious meeting of chocolate and Champagne found in our Champagne Truffles.

Our Trio of Filled Chocolate Eggs would make a wonderfully stylish Easter gift, ideally presented on a silver platter or unveiled with the whipping back of a silk curtain. If you don’t have those to hand, however, fear not – in truth, a box gracefully set off with a golden Bettys ribbon is all the backdrop these beauties need.

A gift fit for the catwalk - order our Trio of Filled Chocolate Eggs online for delivery with our Perfection Guarantee