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​Which Easter egg are you?

20 March 2018

Struggling to find a truly beautiful Easter treat for a really good egg? Poach an idea from Bettys: match the Easter gift to their personality with our highly ‘scientific’ guide.

1. Are you classic, elegant and someone who always takes the time to get things just right… a wee bit of a perfectionist, in fact?

You’re our Milk Chocolate Spring Flowers Egg

2. Are you known for your graceful style, affection for pretty pastel shades, and sparkling personality?

You’re our Pink Simmer Easter Egg

3. Maybe you’re a big, outgoing character with a flamboyant side that fills the room. If you find that everyone flocks around you at parties…

You’re our Imperial Egg

4. Are you loved by young and old alike and always have a cheery greeting for everyone?

You’re our Milk Chocolate Happy Easter Egg

5. Does your perfectly polished exterior conceal a surprising inner life that you’re waiting to reveal to the lucky person?

You’re our Milk Chocolate Egg with Handmade Chocolates

6. If you just love spring – the colours, the flowers and of course Easter – and people say that it brings out your bubbly personality…

You’re our Champagne Truffle Eggs

7. Are you a connoisseur of the finer things in life, who’s serious about appreciating quality?

You’re our Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg

1 Feb 2018 09:33:13

8. Are you a style expert who not only knows what shade eau de nil is, you’ve decorated your impeccably coordinated home with it?

You’re our Trio of Filled Chocolate Eggs

9. Are you a little gruff and reclusive, yet loveable with it? At Easter, would you rather be out in the countryside, rooting around in hedgerows?

You’re our Milk Chocolate Badger

Now you know your perfect match, shop online here and give the most beautiful Easter egg this Easter.