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December 2018

How Emily Sutton painted a traditional Bettys Christmas

5 December 2018

We’ve been proud to feature the delightful illustrations of York artist Emily Sutton on Bettys products for several years now and just love how her hand-drawn style complements our love of craft and attention to detail. After she brought our Enchanted Forest theme so beautifully to life last Christmas, this year we asked Emily to depict somewhere just as magical closer to home – our Café Tea Rooms.

Stollen Moments

2 December 2018

As an increasingly popular complement to festive plates of mince pies, you might view stollen as something of an indulgence. Possibly even a slightly wicked one. But the rich, fruity spiced bread has fans in surprisingly holy places. Originating in Germany, the oldest record of stollen being enjoyed as a Christmas treat dates back to Italy in 1545, where church dignitaries tucked in at the ecumenical Council of Trent.