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March 2018

Seedlings at Schools: building bird boxes for feathered friends

29 March 2018

Not sure whether to call this blog winter or spring because we seem to be going backwards and forwards between the two seasons! A cold wind blowing in from Russia and then a warm westerly bringing a thaw and a promise of croaking frogs and nesting birds.

Film: Bettys Northallerton

27 March 2018

There are lots of good eggs at Bettys and we don’t just mean the delicious, handcrafted chocolate eggs in our shops this Easter. We also mean the people who’ll help to make your visit feel magical – like Elaine, Amanda, Dawn and all the good eggs at Bettys Northallerton.

All six Bettys Café Tea Rooms in Northallerton, Ilkley, York and Harrogate will be open as usual over the Easter period, so come visit us if you need a last minute gift or a place to celebrate with friends and family.

Visit Bettys this Easter

Lesley Wild’s Easter Simnel Cake Recipe

20 March 2018

Chocolate may get the lion's share of the attention at Easter, but there are a few other classics that we think are just as delicious.

Take Simnel Cake, for example - a rich, fruity classic that's a marzipan lover's dream. And in this recipe from Lesley Wild, founder of Bettys Cookery School, we'll even teach you how to make your own marzipan from scratch.

​Which Easter egg are you?

20 March 2018

Struggling to find a truly beautiful Easter treat for a really good egg? Poach an idea from Bettys: match the Easter gift to their personality with our highly ‘scientific’ guide.

​What does it take to be a chocolatier?

14 March 2018

“It's not tricky.”

Josie Raine is describing the process of making a five kilo, 55cm tall Easter egg – like our Imperial in Bloom Egg. To put it together, one huge half is placed curved-side-down, then tempered chocolate is spread onto the edge and the other half is carefully manoeuvred on top of it. To the untrained eye, it sounds terrifyingly tricky.