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July 2017

Bettys and Yorkshire: the pressing matter of apple juice

26 July 2017

When I taste Yorkshire Wolds Pressed Apple Juice for the first time, I realise that I’ve never actually tasted apple juice before. Not real apple juice. Smooth, sweet, mellow, moreish – this is a far cry from the tart acid green drink that we’re all accustomed to.

Film: How to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding

26 July 2017

Celebrate Yorkshire Day with perfect Yorkshire Puddings. Not sure how? Lisa Bennison from has been with Bettys for 32 years and now teaches at our Cookery School. Who better to guide you?

​Five kitchen tricks for savvy cooks

17 July 2017

If you’ve ever joined us on a course at Bettys Cookery School, you’ll know that our food experts are bursting with clever tips to help you make the most delicious food while saving time, money and effort. We asked senior course tutor Lisa Bennison to share a few of her favourite secrets for kitchen success.

Bettys Cookery School - our favourite courses

17 July 2017

Blueberry drop pancakes as taught on our Certificate Course

Our Cookery School Tutors spend their lives taking amateur cooks from ‘how?’ to ‘wow!’, but which are their favourite courses?

A delicious Yorkshire classic, made properly

13 July 2017

January can sometimes be thought of as a month in which indulgence and eating pleasure should be put aside. But eating well doesn't need to be a test of endurance - for us, it's a time to acknowledge our love of natural ingredients and proper cooking. It's about wholesomeness rather than abstinence.