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January 2017

No need to choose between chocolates and flowers with Bettys

26 January 2017

19 Jan 2017 15:18:44

It’s a perennial question: flowers or chocolates? When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, we hope we’re not being too cheeky by suggesting that our With Love Chocolate Selection has both of these classic choices wrapped up.

​Fall in Love with Bettys

19 January 2017

You never forget those special moments. The way surprise turned to anticipation as the gift box arrived. How your heart beat a little faster as you lifted the lid. That giddy rush of joy when your eyes first met those of a cheeky Yorkshire Fat Rascal. We’re always looking for ways to make people fall in love with Bettys. However it all started for you, why not share that passion this Valentine’s Day?

​The History of the Macaroon

6 January 2017

You could be forgiven for thinking that France is the home of the macaroon, but the origin of these delicacies can actually be traced back to an Italian monastery in 1792. As befits something made from a simple paste of sugar, almonds and free-range egg whites, macaroons take their name from the Italian word for ‘paste’ – ‘macarone’.

​How to create your dream wedding cake with Bettys

4 January 2017

If your wedding is the best day of your life, then choosing the cake that will sit proudly at its centre is a daunting task, to say the least. So why not start the process with a sit down and a cup of tea? That’s the welcome you’ll receive when you book a wedding cake consultation with Bettys – not to mention the chance to admire the exquisite handiwork of our cake decorating team, and, naturally, to sample a slice or two.