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July 2016

Trees For Life

30 July 2016

Trees are our national treasures – and they need our help. Through Bettys Trees for Life, we’re working to keep our woodlands growing into the future.

The Story of Bettys

29 July 2016

It all begins with this man, Fritz Bützer – later to become Frederick Belmont – a Swiss orphan who travels Europe learning his trade as a confectioner, baker and chocolatier until one day, he embarks a boat to England to pursue his dream...

Pack your hamper: how to plan the perfect picnic

27 July 2016

17 Feb 2017 12:59:08

Whatever your personal picnic style, our tips will help you enjoy this most seasonal of delights to the fullest.

​A brief history of Bettys York

27 July 2016

What role did a journey to America play in the design of Bettys York? What calling card did servicemen leave in the Oak Room during the second world war? And what happened at Bettys during the swinging 60s? Find out in our brief history of Bettys York.

Bettys Mirror

27 July 2016

A Canadian Air Force veteran points to his signature on Bettys Mirror during a visit in 2010

During the war the Oakroom became Betty’s Bar, a popular haunt among servicemen from nearby air bases. Some left a permanent reminder of their visit by inscribing their name onto a mirror which still hangs in the basement café.