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A tempting ​Trio of Spring Flower Eggs

28 March 2017

If you’re a fan of Bettys, you’ll know that one of the reasons we adore Easter is that it gives us the chance to bring together the skills of both our chocolatiers and our cake decorating team in the creation of our Spring Flowers Eggs. Each crafted from our delicious Swiss chocolate and hand-iced with an eye-catching burst of delicate primroses, forget-me-nots and more, these eggs have been a favourite among our customers since our earliest days.

28 Mar 2017 08:32:08

The only hitch – and it’s not much of a problem, we admit – is that we’ve heard that some of you, when faced with such a gift, find it hard to take that first bite. Could it be that our Spring Flower Eggs are almost too beautiful to eat?

Maybe we have a solution: our Trio of Spring Flower Eggs. Made with our finest Swiss Grand Cru chocolate, this elegant collection features one milk chocolate egg, hand-stippled with dark chocolate; one dark chocolate and one eau de nil egg finished with a silver shimmer, each hand-decorated with our signature spring flowers in cream, lemon and pink.

As there are three, we hope that the lucky recipient will feel absolutely no guilt in tucking in right away. After all, there are still two left to admire… hang on, make that one…

Give a beautiful Easter gift that won't induce nibbler's guilt: buy our Trio of Spring Flower Eggs online