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Seedlings at Schools: on the road with a van-full of trees

15 May 2017

Spring is now definitely here with the mornings getting lighter and the weather getting warmer. The trees that we planted back in November are now starting to have buds on and are getting some leaves. The first Bluebells are starting to open up and summer is only a light breeze away. It is a great time of year with everything feeling fresh and born again ready for the new season.

The main tree planting time is almost over and although you can plant trees after Easter it is better to get them into the ground when they are dormant and before the ground gets too dry.

I have been very busy recently doing lots of tree planting with schools from all over the area. The schools vary in size from small country ones with only a handful of pupils, to large city centre schools with over several hundred. The number of trees planted at each school also varies from a couple of fruit trees at one school to almost a hundred at another to create a small woodland.

Trees have been delivered to a number of community groups and schools so that they can plant them in their own time. The back of my van is often jam-packed full of tools, equipment and trees! There have been almost two thousand trees planted and given out this academic year which is fantastic and will help to improve the environment, schools’ grounds and public places in our region.

There have been a lot of new schools join the project in this third year, with over 50% of the schools I work with being completely new to Seedlings at Schools. It has been really great to meet the new schools and learn that the project has been recommended by schools that are already involved. It seems that schools are starting to appreciate the value of getting their pupils out of the classroom to spend some time outside doing fun, practical activities. Long may it continue.

The Seedlings at Schools project is part of Bettys ongoing Trees for Life work. Ian Johnson, Education Officer at Groundwork, has been busy teaching children about the importance of trees through hands-on woodland themed activities.

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