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A little of what you like is a good thing

19 November 2017

You might be forgiven for thinking that an unforgettable Christmas is all about grand spectacles: the turkey, the pudding, the cake, the tree. But here at Bettys, we know that there’s just as much joy to be found in perfecting the little things.

Take our Christmas chocolate novelties: we make them with top-quality Swiss Grand Cru and add the finishing touches by hand – the same as we do with our luxury boxed chocolates. Our chocolatiers’ care and attention is everywhere, from the individually painted tree baubles and brushed bronze shimmer found on our Chocolate Christmas Characters, to the way that the vanilla caramel piped inside our Milk & White Chocolate Caramel Mice has just the right amount of gentle flow.

Or, indeed, the long deliberation on how to create the ultimate treat for chocolate-lovers that gave rise to our Bachelor’s Buttons, a truly indulgent meeting of chocolate shortbread, dark chocolate, rich chocolate ganache and a dapper finish of hand-piped chocolate.

It may not have come from our Enchanted Forest – although who knows? – but your Christmas tree will look extra charming if you hang a Bettys Bauble from its branches. Delightfully illustrated with a vintage-inspired robin, it opens to reveal a further festive surprise – a stash of our soft, tangy Dark Chocolate Orange & Lemon Jellies. And who’s that nesting in the children’s stockings? Made from deliciously creamy Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate brushed with an extra sparkle, our new Moonlight Owls are keeping watch for Father Christmas.

Add a little fun to your festivities with our delightful range of Christmas novelties