We always trade fairly and responsibly, buying locally wherever possible and buidling lasting partnerships with our suppliers
We always trade fairly and responsibly,
buying locally wherever possible and building lasting partnerships with our suppliers

Trading Fairly

Put simply, in the way we behave and the decisions we make, we strive to be a role model business. Treating people with integrity and respect is at the heart of everything we do. That applies in all cases, from the people who grow our tea and coffee to you, our customers. It’s true of the way we treat each other too.

We believe in sustainability so we always trade fairly and responsibly. We buy locally wherever possible and work hard to build lasting, more meaningful partnerships with all our suppliers. Find out more >

Planting and Protecting Trees Since 1990

We aim to set an example when it comes to the environment too. And that means a lot more than just reducing our carbon footprint. Over 20 years ago, we learned about the role that trees play in combating climate change globally, and ever since we have been committed to planting and protecting trees. In 1990 we launched our Trees for Life appeal, with a pledge to plant one million trees. With support from our customers we reached and surpassed that target within 10 years, and have since planted a total of three million trees around the world and protected an area of rainforest the size of the Yorkshire Dales.

National Treasures

While much of our tree planting and protection work has been in the tea and coffee growing countries we source from, we have also planted thousands of trees in our beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It's an opportunity to raise awareness of the value of trees and woodlands as 'national treasures' in our home communities - beautifying local spaces and supporting a huge variety of wildlife. To keep up to date with our tree planting activities, please visit the Bettys Blog.

Yorkshire Rainforest Project

In 2009 we pledged to protect an area of tropical forest the size of Yorkshire. Since then, we’ve raised and donated £1 million to rainforest protection. We are currently working in partnership with the Rainforest Foundation UK helping to support communities living in Peru's Amazon Rainforest. To find out more about our Yorkshire Rainforest Project visit www.yorkshirerainforestproject.co.uk

Bettys in the community

Find out more about Bettys work in the community here >