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The Enchanted Forest

It’s Christmas Eve in a Yorkshire town
A blanket of snow lies on the ground
Two children in Bettys choosing some treats
Gifts for the family and cakes for a feast

With bundles of deliciousness they set off home
The skies above a starry dome
Through the Enchanted Forest they pull their sleigh
A twinkle of magic to light their way


But what’s this? Calamity! Unseen by our heroes
The chocolates fall loose, tumble into the snow
A hedgehog, a squirrel and a kind-eyed fox
Now lonely, forgotten and utterly lost

The children strike on, not far now to go
Whilst behind them there comes a mysterious glow
Enchantment at play, the Forest’s spell
To make chocolates real so all can be well


Our hedgehog, and squirrel and kind-eyed fox
Blink at each other, slightly in shock
“Now what to do?” the Hedgehog baulks
“Our little legs aren’t made for this walk”

Back at the cottage, the children dismay
“We’re sure some chocolates were on this sleigh”
But outside in the sky a fabulous sight
Father Christmas coming to make things right


“Jump in dear friends I have a ploy
To get you back home to your festive joy”
Our woodland pals give a delighted cry
Hop into the sleigh and woosh into the sky

Father Christmas flies ‘cross the tree tops
To a cosy cottage where he finally stops
Down the chimney the chocolate treats jump
Landing on to the table with nary a bump


The children turn round and to their surprise
Three chocolates now shed of their magical guise
“They were there all along!”, they delightedly say
And start preparing for Christmas Day

But we know better, don’t we friends?
It’s the Enchanted Forest that made amends
The lesson we learned this Christmas Eve?
Magic is real if you only believe