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​Green is the colour

12 March 2018

We've always felt that the way something looks and the way something tastes are very closely connected. It's particularly true of sweet treats - with great beauty often comes great deliciousness. So when our chocolatiers devise a new and highly glamorous shade of Easter egg, it's always a cause for celebration.

The glorious colour on show in our Limited Edition Spring Bloom Egg is one our own creation - a unique combination of different greens which creates a soft, delicate hue that hovers somewhere between celadon, malachite and jade. We call it eu de nil.

It’s created with a special blend of coloured cocoa butters - made with natural colours, of course - that we mix into melted white chocolate. Then, to make an Easter egg, our chocolatiers set it in a mould, burnish it by hand with a silver lustre and carefully, painstakingly decorate it by hand.

Watch the Imperial in Bloom egg being made in our Easter film

It's a craft that takes a long time to perfect, gracefully hand-piping white chocolate stems and using little dots of melted chocolate to secure hand-piped royal icing flowers. Even the base is milk chocolate, piped in a circle and filled with melted chocolate, with the egg placed upon it to set.

And let's not forget the wildlife - a pair of hand-piped bumblebees and a charming little butterfly made from sugar paste.

The Spring Bloom Egg is just one of our beautiful range of Easter eggs, all made with the same skill, love and care, and all completely delicious. But with its shimmering eu de nil looks and limited edition availability, this is one Easter egg that will make a particularly memorable gift.

Go green - and give the Limited Edition Spring Bloom Egg to someone you love.