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No need to choose between chocolates and flowers with Bettys

26 January 2018

19 Jan 2017 15:18:44

It’s a perennial question: flowers or chocolates? When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, we hope we’re not being too cheeky by suggesting that our With Love Chocolate Selection has both of these classic choices wrapped up.

Admittedly, we really don’t recommend treating our most romantic chocolate selection like a freshly unwrapped bouquet and dunking it into a vase full of water. But in some ways, the pastel-hued array of tulips, lilacs and other spring flowers that adorn its box are just as charming as the tried and tested dozen red roses.

These hand-painted flowers are the outcome of the sharp eye, delicate brushwork and subtle colour sense of local illustrator Georgina Gill. Georgina’s exquisitely detailed watercolours can also be seen illustrating educational boards at RHS Harlow Carr; nearer to home, Bettys bread bags are decorated with her pen and ink portraits of a variety of loaves from our Craft Bakery.

And the chocolates themselves? Of course, they’re crafted from our rich Swiss Grand Cru chocolate, which starts life as the Venezuelan ‘criollo’ cocoa bean. Each milk or dark chocolate shell is carefully filled with one of our softest, most tempting centres, including rich Champagne ganache, heady orange and honey ganache, or gently flowing vanilla caramel. We’ve even snuck some flowers inside, in the form of our fragrant Rose and Violet Creams.

Finally, our chocolatiers rival Georgina for unwaveringly steady handiwork, adding details such as the hand-piped curling heart design piped onto the Blackcurrant Ganache Heart and the dusting of vivid red raspberry on the Raspberry Ganache Heart. Not forgetting the dainty sugar daisy that’s the finishing touch to the Orange Palet d’Or: one bloom that’s always at its best for Valentine’s Day.

Buy chocolates and flowers for your Valentine with Bettys With Love Chocolate Selection