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Mother's Day

​A Mother’s Day mystery solved

15 March 2017

We all have our own Bettys favourites – those treats that you return to again and again, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be every bit as delicious as the last time. But what would your mum choose as her Bettys favourite?

An enduring classic you won't need a time machine to enjoy

13 March 2017

Imagine, for a minute, that you have a time machine. Now pop back to the 1920s, drop into Bettys Café Tea Rooms in Harrogate and pick yourself up a box of Lady Betty Peppermint Creams. When you arrive back in the present, you may be surprised by how little your chocolates differ from those we sell today.

How many delicious treats can we fit into one gift box?

3 March 2017

When planning for this coming Mother’s Day with the clever Bettys elves who hand-pick items for our gift boxes and hampers, we set them a challenge: ‘Just how many delicious treats do you think you can fit into a Mother’s Day Gift Box?’

Become a gin genius at Bettys

2 March 2017

It’s clear, colourless and all too easily paired off with tonic. But for such an unassuming spirit, gin has a surprisingly murky history.

Drawing on mum wisdom to bake the perfect cake

28 February 2017

We’re not going to argue – we know that the best sponge cakes in the world are those made by your mum. (That’s everyone’s mums, of course; somehow they all occupy the top spot.) But we’d like to think that our Mother’s Day Cake is a close runner-up in the sponge stakes.