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Pretty in pink - a shimmering Easter gift

19 February 2018

If you’re a fan of Easter as much as we are here at Bettys, you’ll understand when we say how for us there’s no such thing as ‘plain’ chocolate. From creamy white and silky brown to dark and glossy – not to mention all the ways it can be stippled, brushed and lovingly adorned by our chocolatiers – the quality of our chocolate makes every one of our Easter eggs a beauty to behold.

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​Trot over to Bettys for a chocolate Saddleback Pig

7 April 2017

If you’re looking for an original alternative to an egg as a gift this Easter, may we suggest this delightful fellow? For someone trotter-deep in mud he looks pretty contented – and so he should be, for he’s made from the same delicious Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate that we use for our Easter Eggs.

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NEW The ultimate Easter egg for lovers of dark chocolate

5 April 2017

Amber hand-piping the shell pattern on a Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg

As you may have noticed, we love talking about our chocolatiers – they’re a talented bunch and as Easter approaches, there’s no better time to share secrets of how they work their magic.

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Meet the good eggs in Bettys Chocolate Room

4 April 2017

Meet our chocolatiers Kirsty Mitchison and Josie Raine, stars of this year's Easter film. With more than half a century of Bettys experience between them, there’s no one better to take care of this Easter’s batch of good eggs.

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Film: Bettys Northallerton

31 March 2017

When we talk about good eggs, we don’t just mean the delicious, handcrafted chocolate eggs in our shops this Easter. We also mean the people who’ll help to make your visit feel magical – like Elaine, Amanda, Dawn and all the good eggs at Bettys Northallerton.

All six Bettys Café Tea Rooms in Northallerton, Ilkley, York and Harrogate will be open as usual over the Easter period, so come visit us if you need a last minute gift or a place to celebrate with friends and family.

Visit Bettys this Easter