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​Five kitchen tricks for savvy cooks

17 July 2017

If you’ve ever joined us on a course at Bettys Cookery School, you’ll know that our food experts are bursting with clever tips to help you make the most delicious food while saving time, money and effort. We asked senior course tutor Lisa Bennison to share a few of her favourite secrets for kitchen success.

​Yorkshire Tea Loaf – brewing up at Bettys

13 July 2017

What better symbol of the delicious partnership between Bettys and our sister company Taylors of Harrogate, than our Yorkshire Tea Loaf, a Bettys favourite for more than 30 years?

Do these take your ​Fondant Fancy?

10 July 2017

No one makes Fondant Fancies quite like Bettys. Under the keen confectioner’s eye of our Swiss founder Frederick Belmont, they were adorned with elaborate designs in royal icing; nearly a century later, they’re still individually iced by our expert bakers. Yet they’re also bang up to date: we’ve decorated them with crowns to celebrate royal jubilees, weddings and babies; bicycles for the Tour de France and white roses for Yorkshire Day.

​Fat Rascals – the secret behind the smile

6 July 2017

At our Craft Bakery in Harrogate we make around 10,000 of our iconic Yorkshire Fat Rascals every week – that’s more than two million since we launched them in 1983. Whether enjoyed with a cup of tea at our Café Tea Rooms or delivered freshly baked to your door, Fat Rascals are one of our most popular treats.

Bettys Macaroons – the secret ingredient

27 June 2017

In one sense, there are no mysteries to how we make our macaroons. Our craft bakers create them from the same three ingredients used in medieval times: ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. The real secret comes with adding the fourth ingredient. Despite being invisible, it’s the most vital one of all.

Discover the secrets of our artisan bread range

12 May 2017

Swiss Stick

As bakers, breadmaking is at the heart of our craft so a great deal of love (and early morning starts) went into creating these breads. We hope you enjoy tasting these loaves as much as we enjoy baking them.

Learning the secrets of asparagus

8 May 2017

A few miles from Richard and Ronda Morritt’s farm, I see a reassuring signpost. ‘Fresh asparagus for sale’ it reads. I’m relieved. Despite the claims of my sat-nav, I had begun to doubt whether I was in the right place. As picturesque as this corner of North Yorkshire is, there’s a reason why it’s called Sand Hutton. Surely such dry soil wouldn’t yield such a luxurious, succulent crop as asparagus?

The Secrets of our Café Tea Rooms

26 April 2017

It’s nearly 100 years since the first Bettys opened, and there are things that even the biggest Bettys fan might not know about us. Here are some tales from the archive and recommendations for your next Bettys visit.