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​Trot over to Bettys for a chocolate Saddleback Pig

8 March 2018

If you’re looking for an original alternative to an egg as a gift this Easter, may we suggest this delightful fellow? For someone trotter-deep in mud he looks pretty contented – and so he should be, for he’s made from the same delicious Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate that we use for our Easter Eggs.

The true story of vanilla

27 January 2018

We all know what vanilla is like. Reliably nice, reassuringly ordinary… perhaps a little safe? Think of ice cream flavours: when you can tuck in to rich chocolate, tangy fruit or aromatic peppermint, why would you choose plain old vanilla?

A box of delights

18 November 2017

Enchanting and exquisite chocolates have been a part of the Bettys story from its beginning. Before that, even: when he opened the very first Bettys Café Tea Room in Harrogate in 1919, our founder Frederick Belmont could already style himself ‘Chocolate Specialist’, having refined his skills studying with the master confectioners of Switzerland and Paris.

Bettys chocolates - which is your favourite flavour?

12 October 2017

Our chocolates are presented in luxurious keepsake boxes with decorative patterns by York artist Emily Sutton. The only thing more perfect than what's on the outside, is what's on the inside.

NEW The ultimate Easter egg for lovers of dark chocolate

5 April 2017

Amber hand-piping the shell pattern on a Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg

As you may have noticed, we love talking about our chocolatiers – they’re a talented bunch and as Easter approaches, there’s no better time to share secrets of how they work their magic.