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Afternoon Tea

​10 secrets to make your visit to Bettys even better

23 August 2017

Photo by @hellomissjordan on Instagram

From tea top-ups to the best seat in the house: we asked the real Bettys experts – the people who have been coming to our Café Tea Rooms for years – to share their insider knowledge and tips.

​A new autumn style for Lady Betty Afternoon Tea

21 September 2016

Some things about our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea are timeless. The silver cake stands and bespoke bone china from Royal Crown Derby. The finest rare teas sourced from around the world for you to discover. The setting, a table reserved in our elegant Imperial Room, Harrogate or our Belmont Room York. All waiting for you, whether it’s your first visit to Bettys or your 50th.

Bettys & Royal Crown Derby: A Craft Partnership

21 September 2016

Our skilled friends at Royal Crown Derby produce bespoke fine bone china for our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea. Like us, they care a great deal about craft and draw upon their long history for inspiration. But the similarities don’t end there...

Reserve your seat for Lady Betty Afternoon Tea

A brief guide to Champagne

10 August 2015

Today, Champagne is more popular than ever before, but its history has followed a rich and varied course. Made in the eponymous northeast region of France, Champagne emerged as a sparkling wine in the mid-17th century. The region’s short growing season and cold climate meant that the wine had to referment in the bottle, producing the carbonic gas. But the bubbles were not desired – they were seen as a symptom of bad wine-making. Due to its propensity to explode in the cellars, Champagne became known colloquially as ‘the devil’s wine’. Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon tried hard to remove the natural fizz, but his efforts instead went on to aid Champagne production for centuries.