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The mouth-watering flavours of Bettys Chutneys & Preserves

3 October 2017

Our love of chutneys and preserves stems from our obsession with ingredients and flavour. We delight in the opportunity to share tastebud-tingling combinations of fruit, spice and vegetable, and we’re proud to be able to champion traditional British produce such as damson, pear and Victoria plum.

Indeed, let us start with our Spiced Plum & Port Preserve. The Victoria plum has a natural sweetness which is balanced with a touch of orange and lemon. Cockburn’s Ruby Port adds a rich finish.

Damson is an indigenous British fruit, and ours is sourced from the fields of Cumbria, Worcestershire and Kent. It is a sharp, almost meaty fruit with a delightfully dark hue, and makes for a seductively simple jam.

Flawlessly fruity

Raspberry and Strawberry may be common preserve flavours, but ours have an uncommonly fruity flavour. This is because of the quantity of fruit packed into each: 69% raspberry; 81% strawberry. Nothing else is added that you wouldn’t find in your cupboards at home.

We may have moved into the mellow months of autumn, but for a scent of summer simply pop open a jar of Cherry & Amaretto Preserve. The mouth-watering mix of sweet and sour cherries is set off with a dash of Amaretto and the result is a genuine, vivid cherry flavour.

Sun-blessed flavour

Our two marmalades draw their strong flavour from generous quantities of sun-blessed Seville oranges. Our Classic Seville Orange Marmalade is set simply with unrefined sugar, whilst the Orange & Whiskey version is more robust with a hint of full-bodied malt.

The sweet blackcurrant is the perfect fruit for preserving. Sharp, juicy and bursting with fresh flavour, our Blackcurrant Preserve is a pleasingly spreadable, rewardingly tasty preserve.

Skilful monks

Our Pear & Ampleforth Cider Brandy Preserve brings a real taste of Yorkshire to your pantry. This sticky, moreish chutney takes the subtle flavour of pear and enriches it with cider brandy from the Benedictine Abbey in North Yorkshire.

Staying with the talented monks, the Ampleforth Beer Fruit Chutney draws on their brewing skills to deepen the flavour of this sweet and tangy spread. Chop a chunk of your favourite cheese and add a generous spoonful of this chutney for a satisfying snack.

A pantry classic

We describe our Fig Chutney as ‘piquant’, which – amongst other things – means ‘exciting to the mind’. Too true. When combined with molassed sugar, warm cinnamon and fresh orange, this often overlooked fruit makes a surprising, tantalising and somewhat addictive chutney.

Pickle is a pantry classic, but our Great Yorkshire Pickle draws its unique flavour from Black Sheep Ale, which is brewed just 20 miles from us in Masham. A true original, Yorkshire born and bred.

A Café Tea Room favourite

Tomato and Onion are two of our favourite Chutney flavours. Our sticky Onion Chutney is packed full of caramelised onions for a dense, sweet taste, whilst our Tomato Chutney is a famous flavour well-known to visitors to our Café Tea Rooms where it is one of several classic condiments.

A cupboardful of Bettys luxury

Gift a cupboardful of Bettys luxury with our Preserve and Chutney Gift Selections. Made in small batches with uncommonly generous quantities of fruit and vegetables, these distinctive preserves and chutneys are the perfect way to enjoy a taste of Bettys at any time of day.

The Chutney Gift Selection includes our Tomato, Onion and Ampleforth Beer Fruit chutneys; whilst our Preserve Gift Selection includes our Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry & Amaretto preserves.

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