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​Seedlings at Schools: arrival of autumn

7 November 2016

Summer has now finally gone and autumn has come in with the trees showing fantastic colours beneath clear blue skies. Temperatures are dropping and it feels that all creatures are either starting to get ready for winter or preparing to leave.

This is the third year of the Seedlings at Schools project and I am looking forward to building upon the first two successful years by continuing to develop the relationships with existing schools and community groups as well as expanding the project to meet new ones.

As well as getting things ready for winter it is time to look forwards towards next spring and start planting woodland bulbs which will come up after Christmas. I have been bulb planting with two new schools at Burton Leonard Primary School near Harrogate and Huntington Primary School in York. I worked with all age groups and it was great to see the enthusiasm and quality from all the pupils.

I have also been working with Richard Taylor Primary School in Harrogate planting bulbs between the trees that we planted last year. We created a small copse on the edge of the school field and planted Bluebells, Snowdrops and Wild Daffodils which will create a beautiful display to show the coming of the spring. As we worked, the ground was scattered with acorns and ash seeds from the nearby trees and we could see squirrels gathering nuts for the coming cold. We checked on the trees we planted last year and most of them seemed to have survived their first year and hopefully will grow and prosper.

Tree planting season is just around the corner and we will start to get into winter proper with summer just a distant memory.

The Seedlings at Schools project is part of Bettys ongoing Trees for Life work. Ian Johnson, Education Officer at Groundwork, has been busy teaching children about the importance of trees through hands-on woodland themed activities.

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