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February 2018

Magic in the mountains - a visit to Felchlin's chocolate factory

26 February 2018

26 Feb 2018 09:52:45

Deep in the heart of Switzerland, the small town of Schwyz, home to Bettys chocolate suppliers, Felchlin, is both charming and beautiful. We arrived there in the middle of an unseasonal heat wave. In spite of this, there was still snow on the mountains – we weren’t in Kansas anymore! And whilst not quite the Land of Oz, Schwyz really is a place where magic happens.

How many delicious treats can we fit into one gift box?

26 February 2018

When planning for this coming Mother’s Day with the clever Bettys elves who hand-pick items for our gift boxes and hampers, we set them a challenge: ‘Just how many delicious treats do you think you can fit into a Mother’s Day Gift Box?’

Seedlings at Schools: renewing old friendships

22 February 2018

Another Christmas has passed and thoughts are now slowly turning towards springtime and the lighter nights and new growth. It always raises my spirits when I realise that the days are slowly getting longer and we have the first appearance of the white Snowdrops or the yellow Winter Jasmine.

Pretty in pink - a shimmering Easter gift

19 February 2018

If you’re a fan of Easter as much as we are here at Bettys, you’ll understand when we say how for us there’s no such thing as ‘plain’ chocolate. From creamy white and silky brown to dark and glossy – not to mention all the ways it can be stippled, brushed and lovingly adorned by our chocolatiers – the quality of our chocolate makes every one of our Easter eggs a beauty to behold.