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June 2016

Inspired by Wimbledon: our Strawberry, Cherry & Rose Tisane mocktail

27 June 2016

What’s that thwack we hear? It’s the gratifying sound of tennis ball on racket – Wimbledon is here!

To mark the occasion, we set Bettys Cookery School genius Lisa Bennison the task of devising a Wimbledon-inspired mocktail based on our new Strawberry, Cherry & Rose Tisane. After all, Wimbledon and strawberries go together like Bettys and afternoon tea.

Here’s how you can make your own.

(Makes 10 potions of cordial)


5 Strawberry, Rose & Cherry Tisane tea bags

500ml boiling water

50g icing sugar

5 crushed black pepper corns

Dash of raspberry vinegar (optional)

Dash of vanilla extract

Spring of mint

5 strawberries (cut into quarters)

Quarter of a cucumber (finely diced)

Ice cubes

Serve with either mineral water, lemonade or Prosecco


Place the tea bags in a jug along with the icing sugar, crushed black pepper, vanilla, vinegar and the stalks from the mint.

Pour over 500ml of boiling water. Leave to cool for a minimum of 2 hours.

Strain the cordial through a fine sieve.

To serve, pour 50ml of the cordial into an ice-filled glass. Top with 50ml of sparkling mineral water or your favourite fizz.

Add diced cucumber, strawberry and a chopped mint.

Sit back, relax and hope for no rain delays.

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