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June 2016

Inspired by Wimbledon: our Strawberry, Cherry & Rose Tisane mocktail

27 June 2016

What’s that thwack we hear? It’s the gratifying sound of tennis ball on racket – Wimbledon is here! To mark the occasion, we set Bettys Cookery School genius Lisa Bennison the task of devising a Wimbledon-inspired mocktail based on our new Strawberry, Cherry & Rose Tisane. After all, Wimbledon and strawberries go together like Bettys and afternoon tea.

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Design for life: how Corin Mellor designed a new cafetiere for Bettys

27 June 2016

Cafés don’t ordinarily contain fully functioning traffic lights flashing from green to amber to red. Ours certainly don’t. But this one does. I try not to look confused. There are lots of regulars here enjoying tea and homemade cake. I don’t want to look like a tourist – I act natural and scan for an explanation.