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NEW The ultimate Easter egg for lovers of dark chocolate

5 April 2017

Amber hand-piping the shell pattern on a Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg

As you may have noticed, we love talking about our chocolatiers – they’re a talented bunch and as Easter approaches, there’s no better time to share secrets of how they work their magic.

But let’s be honest: all their efforts would be in vain if they didn’t have the best chocolate to craft. Whether milk or dark, our Swiss Grand Cru chocolate starts life as premium quality Venezuelan cocoa beans and there’s no better way to appreciate its flavour than our new Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg made with 65% cocoa.

Aromatic and fruity, with notes of floral and spice, the cocoa comes from the rare Criollo variety, grown sustainably in forests near Lake Maracaibo at the base of the Venezuelan Andes.

After harvesting, the beans are sun-dried and shipped to Switzerland, where they are roasted and prepared for us by cocoa experts Felchlin. Swiss cream and milk are used to create a rich couverture, whose unique flavour is further unlocked through the ‘conching’ process – up to 72 hours of slow, gentle folding.

Of course, once the chocolate arrives at our Craft Bakery, our chocolatiers want to show it at its best. Our Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg is piped down one side with a graceful shell pattern that we’ve used since our earliest days, then decorated by hand with delicate spun chocolate and a golden shimmer. A true feast for the eyes – but look quickly, as chocolate lovers won’t be able to leave that 65% cocoa egg alone for long.

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