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​What does it take to be a chocolatier?

14 March 2018

“It's not tricky.”

Josie Raine is describing the process of making a five kilo, 55cm tall Easter egg – like our Imperial in Bloom Egg. To put it together, one huge half is placed curved-side-down, then tempered chocolate is spread onto the edge and the other half is carefully manoeuvred on top of it. To the untrained eye, it sounds terrifyingly tricky.

​Hold your breath: how to build a giant Imperial in Bloom Easter egg

13 March 2018

<p data-verified=When you look at our towering Imperial Bloom Egg, it's our very dear wish that your first thought is, "Wow". And then, in our heart of hearts, we hope the next thing you think is, "Yum". But after gazing at it for a little while, as it towers above the other Easter eggs in the window of one of our branches, we like to think that a few people might start to wonder exactly how this 5.5kg giant was created.

​Green is the colour

12 March 2018

We've always felt that the way something looks and the way something tastes are very closely connected. It's particularly true of sweet treats - with great beauty often comes great deliciousness. So when our chocolatiers devise a new and highly glamorous shade of Easter egg, it's always a cause for celebration.

​Trot over to Bettys for a chocolate Saddleback Pig

8 March 2018

If you’re looking for an original alternative to an egg as a gift this Easter, may we suggest this delightful fellow? For someone trotter-deep in mud he looks pretty contented – and so he should be, for he’s made from the same delicious Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate that we use for our Easter Eggs.

​Safe Delivery - All Wrapped Up

6 March 2018

Sarah Bryson (right) carefully packs another delivery from Bettys

Eggs are famously fragile – and that goes for chocolate eggs too. With their beautiful tempered shells and intricate hand-crafted decorations, we know lots of people prefer to buy Easter eggs in person, just in case on online doesn’t arrive in perfect condition. But you needn’t worry, because we’re a little obsessive about parcels. From the materials we use to the way we pack, no delivery leaves our doors without being showered with the same love, care and craft that goes into the eggs themselves.