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Stollen Moments

22 November 2017

As an increasingly popular complement to festive plates of mince pies, you might view stollen as something of an indulgence. Possibly even a slightly wicked one. But the rich, fruity spiced bread has fans in surprisingly holy places. Originating in Germany, the oldest record of stollen being enjoyed as a Christmas treat dates back to Italy in 1545, where church dignitaries tucked in at the ecumenical Council of Trent.

Gin-gle bells: three gin cocktails that go perfectly with our treats

20 November 2017

We don't just share a hometown with Slingsby, Harrogate's finest gin makers, we also share a love of flavour. And this year we've partnered their London Dry Gin with our Salted Caramel Chocolates to create The Gin Box - the perfect Christmas gift for flavour seekers in your life. Here are some cocktails to make the most of this match made in heaven. Or 'Yorkshire', as we sometimes call it.

A little of what you like is a good thing

19 November 2017

You might be forgiven for thinking that an unforgettable Christmas is all about grand spectacles: the turkey, the pudding, the cake, the tree. But here at Bettys, we know that there’s just as much joy to be found in perfecting the little things.

A box of delights

18 November 2017

Enchanting and exquisite chocolates have been a part of the Bettys story from its beginning. Before that, even: when he opened the very first Bettys Café Tea Room in Harrogate in 1919, our founder Frederick Belmont could already style himself ‘Chocolate Specialist’, having refined his skills studying with the master confectioners of Switzerland and Paris.

​Sophie the Squirrel: we're nuts about her

16 November 2017

This Christmas Eve, you may plan to hang those stockings up well out of the reach of any eager little hands too impatient to wait until the morning to see what Father Christmas has brought. But watch out: height will be no obstacle for one nimble intruder.