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Learn the things the cookbooks don’t tell you

We’ve been batty about baking since 1919 when the first Bettys opened and our Craft Bakery in Harrogate began creating the fresh, delicious and traditionally-made treats for which we’d become famous.

So we are as happy as can be that Great British Bake Off has reignited people’s passion for baking, and this year we’re joining in with some special little films.

Each week, we’ll share our Bettys Baking Secrets

Our tutors from Bettys Cookery School know all the tricks and tips to ensure your bottoms are never soggy and we’re going to reveal them to you. These are the things the cookbooks don’t tell you; the notes that you write in the margins of your cookbook.

There will be clues about cake, suggestions for choux, and knowledge about kneading. All the things you need to get from dozy dough to star baker.

Two Bettys classics for a special price

Shortbread Biscuit Caddy & Tea Room Blend

Bettys Tea Room Blend Tea (80 tea bags) and Yorkshire Shortbread Caddy for £10. Order online for delivery to your door.

Top Chocolate Design

Here's our final Bettys Baking Secrets film! It's a simple guide to making stunning tempered chocolate decorations - and the third part of our Sachertorte series.

Tempering Tamed

It's one of baking's most precise processes - but with patience, focus and a handful of Bettys Baking Secrets, you'll soon be tempering dark chocolate like a professional. Part 2 in our Sachertorte series.

Magical Meringue

Combine egg whites, sugar and air for some true baking magic - a meringue-based mix for a Sachertorte. Our whipping tips will get yours into peak condition, before our next installments show you how to finish this iconic cake.

Fabulous Finger Biscuits

Add sweetness and crunch to your day with a delicious batch of simple, elegant finger biscuits. With the help of a few Bettys secrets, we'll show you how to bake them beautifully.

Super Swiss Roll

Soft sponge, sticky jam and fresh cream - all rolled up in a neat, sweet spiral. Create a glorious Swiss Roll with the help of a few Bettys Baking Secrets.

Spectacular Spun Sugar

Don't let sugar work scare you away. With our latest film, you'll be spinning caramel into spectacular decorations - and finishing your croquembouche.

Crafty Caramel

Sweet, sticky and cooled to a glorious crunch - crack the perfect caramel (and the path to an amazing croquembouche) with our latest Bettys Baking Secrets film.

Perfect Piping

Master the magical art of the piping bag with the third in our series of Bettys Baking Secrets films - and you'll be halfway towards baking a spectacular croquembouche.

Sumptuous Choux

Choux pastry doesn’t have to be scary! From mixing methods to judging when the dough is ready, the second of our Bettys Baking Secrets films shares a few easy tips and tricks to make choux work for you.

Beautiful Bread

From getting the knack of kneading to creating a homemade prover in your kitchen sink, here's a little film sharing some of our breadmaking secrets. These easy tips are all you need to bake brilliant bread, the Bettys way.