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Smashing! Watch us make - and break - our huge Imperial Egg

Every Easter we create a showstopping Imperial Egg. Handmade from 12lbs of chocolate and standing 27in high, each one takes a full day to make. However, it only takes a few seconds to smash it into a hundred pieces, so you can share it with the people you love.

7th March 2016

Beautiful Easter chocolate:
handmade by Bettys

A Bettys Easter egg or novelty is a thing of beauty. Each one is carefully crafted in our chocolate room at Bettys Bakery in Harrogate, England. In an age of mechanisation and mass production, we still make things by hand with patience and love.

So this Easter, when you buy a Bettys Easter egg or novelty, you can be assured of this: it’s much more than simply a delicious treat. It’s a work of art.

7th March 2016

Bettys Easter chocolate:
made to be shared

Our showstopping Imperial Egg is handmade from 12lbs of chocolate. It takes a full day to make, but only a few seconds to break into pieces to share with the people you love.

For an Easter treat, we took those pieces along to Yearsley Grove Primary School - where they went down very well indeed!

7th March 2016

Bettys & Royal Crown Derby:
A Craft Partnership

Our skilled friends at Royal Crown Derby produce bespoke fine bone china for our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea. Like us, they care a great deal about craft and draw upon their long history for inspiration. But the similarities don’t end there...

Find out more about our reservation only Lady Betty Afternoon Tea.

8th January 2016

Bettys' Mischievously Magical Christmas Film

All sorts of magical treats go into a Bettys Christmas Hamper, and some have a mind of their own...

19th November 2015

Behind-the-scenes with Bettys' 2015 Christmas window

The centrepiece of this year's Christmas window is an ornate sleigh and reindeer coloured in rich gold and burgundy and finished with beautiful detailing.

But did you know that it was created by hand at our Craft Bakery using the same precision artisan techniques that we employ in the creation of many of our cakes, bakes and treats?

18th November 2015

Unveiling Bettys' 2015 Christmas Windows

While most of us were still tapping summer sand out of our shoes, Bettys’ Christmas elves were busily planning this year’s festive window. When the time finally came to bring their wondrous display to life, they worked through the night, fuelled by mince pies, tea and renditions of ‘Jingle Bells’.

By morning they were ready to unveil this year’s magical creation - but what was the centrepiece that they’d been so secretive about?

12th November 2015

Bettys Tea Party

This autumn over 20 bloggers gathered for an afternoon of tea, cake, chat and frivolity at a secret venue in London. We brought box upon box of our mail order treats and set the bloggers the challenge of creating their own tea party.

They also had to contend with their very own Bake Off-style challenge: to hand-pipe a fondant fancy. How did they get on? Watch our film to find out.

16th October 2015

Chocolate Makes You Happy

...and if you don't believe us, come with us on a journey into our Chocolate Room where we work wonders with chocolate and craft delicious smile-inducing creations.

29th September 2015

Digging in at Trees for Life Wood

Last Autumn, colleagues from Bettys donned their wellies and headed to RHS Harlow Carr to plant saplings in our Trees for Life Wood.

A few weeks ago we returned to see how things had grown.

29th September 2015

Lady Betty Afternoon Tea

One of our greatest joys at Bettys is creating the exquisite miniature cakes for our new Lady Betty Afternoon Tea.

They are made by hand using traditional craft skills that have been passed down from generation to generation for almost 100 years.

Have a peek behind the scenes to see what goes into making these dainty delights.

7th August 2015

Our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea miniature cakes: #1 The Battenberg

Colour blocking is so 2011 darling, but the Battenberg is always on-trend. This one’s for the perennially stylish.

7th August 2015

Our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea miniature cakes: #2 The Chocolate & Praline Slice

We're told that some have fallen desperately in love with this seductive chocolate and praline slice, which melts in your mouth as it melts your heart.

7th August 2015

Our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea miniature cakes: #3 The Orange Religieuse

Do you subscribe to the view that a woman - or man, for that matter - can simply never have too many choux? If so, this tantalising temptress is for you.

7th August 2015

Our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea miniature cakes: #4 The Grand Cru Square

This superstar really is pretty in pink. Rich, dark Grand Cru chocolate mousse, cloaked in colourful cocoa butter and finished with raspberry and chopped pistachio.

7th August 2015

Our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea miniature cakes: #5 The Macaroon

The Mona Lisa of the cake stand, the Macaroon always catches your eye, no matter where you’re standing! This dainty delight will give you something to smile about.

7th August 2015

Our Lady Betty Afternoon Tea miniature cakes: #6 The Fresh Berry Meringue

Our fresh berry fashionista is always in season, so you simply must be in the front row to taste the latest seasonal twist.

7th August 2015

Trees for Life

Did you know that Bettys & Taylors has been planting and protecting trees for 25 years? Since 1990 we’ve planted over 3 million trees and protected an area of Amazonian rainforest the size of the Yorkshire Dales.

Right now we are working with Yorkshire school children to plant trees with seeds nurtured from native British species. Here’s what happened the day we digged in with St Barnabas School in York.

24th March 2015

Crafting Our Easter Eggs

Did you know that our handmade Imperial Easter Eggs continue a tradition stretching back nearly a century to the birth of Bettys? Our founder, Frederick Belmont, created lavish Easter eggs which were ornately embellished with hand-piped icing designs.

Although the 50cm high Imperial Easter Egg is one-of-a-kind, all our Easter eggs are made at our Craft Bakery in Harrogate and are hand-finished using artisan skills that have been passed down from chocolatier to chocolatier since 1919.

13th March 2015

Easter Windows

Easter is a special time at our Craft Bakery, especially for our chocolatiers who get to express the full range of their artisan talents with fabulous decorative eggs and loveable springtime novelties.

Each year we look for new ways to showcase their wonderful creations in the windows of our Café Tea Rooms, working through the night to transform the display from Valentine’s Day daintiness into a spring-like eggstravaganza of chocolate-themed deliciousness.

3rd March 2015

Nancy Birtwhistle

12 years ago Great British Bake Off winner Nancy Birtwhistle attended Bettys Cookery School as a student. in early December she returned - as a tutor.

The occasion was a special one-off baking demonstration in front of an audience of regular Cookery School customers and some ‘next generation’ bakers who we’ve supported through our Cooking for Schools programme.

Since it was early December, Nancy demo-ed two festive dishes - a leftovers quiche and a yule-themed swiss roll - and as she baked she told stories of her time on GBBO and her life since. It has been, as she put it, “AMAZING!” This is the story of the day.

16th December 2014