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Rascal Face

Rascal Face

To celebrate Yorkshire Day on 1st August, we’re inviting you to release your Rascally side by creating and sharing a cheeky Rascal Face.

What's a Rascal Face? Here are a few we created earlier.
We’re giving away ten boxes of four Yorkshire Fat Rascal Scones to reward the most Rascally behaviour. To enter, create a Rascal Face picture and share it with us between 29th July and 16th August by Tweeting it (use hashtag #RascalFace), posting to our Facebook page, or emailing to share@bettys.co.uk.

Creating a Rascal Face is easy – simply follow these instructions.

The Art of Rascal Face

  1. Take your phone in one hand and the Fat Rascal scone in the other.
  2. Line up the Fat Rascal so it obscures your subject's face.
  3. Snap - they've got a Rascal Face!
  4. Share your photo on Twitter (#RascalFace), post to our Facebook page or email share@bettys.co.uk for a chance to win a box of four Fat Rascals.*

You can view our Terms & Conditions here.

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